Finn Wolfhard Girlfriend: Finn Wolfhard is No Longer Single

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We all know him as Mike in Stranger Things, one of the most celebrated Netflix original series. Finn Wolfhard, 19, impressed everyone with his fine acting skills on the show and built a huge fan base for himself. Besides his professional life, the actor also made headlines after confirming his relationship with Elsie Richter.

So, who is Elsie Richte, and what does she do? Read this article till the end to find out.

Who is Elsie Richter?

Elsie is a British actress born in England, United Kingdom. However, she was raised in Brooklyn, New York, in the United States of America. The British national of white ethnicity is 20 years old. Interestingly, she is from a renowned family background. Her father’s name is Mischa Richter, and her mother is Dolly Wells.

Dolly Wells played Doll in Doll & Em and starred in Dracula, Blunt Talk, Good Posture, and The Outlaws. Besides being a renowned English actress, Dolly is also a successful writer. Elsie’s grandfather, John Wells, too, was a British actor who featured in the movies like For Your Eyes Only, Casino Royale, and 30 Is A Dangerous Age, Cynthia. Her great-grandfather was a legendary British journalist and administrator who was general manager of the news agency Reuters from 1944 to 1959. Elsie has one sibling – Ezra (brother).

What does Elsie Richter Do?

Finn Wolfhard’s girlfriend is not a camera-shy person. Professionally, she is an actress who has starred in the same TV show as her mother, Doll & Em. Elsie appeared in the show from 2013 to 2015. Her IMDb profile has a lot to say about her acting skills.

She has also appeared in the television shot Di Bibl. She also has many other projects on her plate.

When Did Finn and Elsie Confirm their Relationship?

Finn made headlines about his private life when he confirmed that he was dating Elsie. He posted a blurry yet close-up picture on his social media account where the duo was getting cozy with each other, smiling for the camera in June 2021. Although the pic has now been deleted, and the couple seems to be extremely private about their relationship, the picture created a sensation across social media. Finn broke the hearts of many female fans.

Reportedly, the duo has been dating since early 2021. In March, Finn was spotted with Elsie at the NBA game, which began the rumors about their relationship. How the couple passed their paths still remains unknown. Their many videos on social media highlight that they share many of the same friends. So, it is speculated that they might have met through them and begun hanging out afterward.

After their appearance at the NBA game, the duo started appearing together more frequently, which confirmed their relationship status and made fans eager to know more about Finn’s private life. Elsie even shared a picture of her and Finn at the indoor rock climbing gym.

When Finn was Blackmailed to Confirm his Relationship in the Media

In one of his interviews in 2021, Finn Wolghard revealed how he was blackmailed to confirm his relationship across the media. The obsessive fans of Finn threatened to release Elsie’s address unless he confirmed they were together publically, which left no choice for Finn but to do what they said.

He stated,

“They are like, ‘Oh, OK. I am so sorry. We love her.’ It all fades literally once you are like, ‘Hey, calm down. It’s cool, I am a real person. It’s almost like a trance or something. Maybe it’s a power thing.’”

Has the Couple Broken Up?

It’s been a while since Finn and Elsie have been featured on each other’s social media handles, raising many eyebrows. Fans are of an opinion that Finn and Elsie have broken up. Besides, Elsie was noticeably absent from Stranger Things season 4 premiere last year, which was otherwise attended by others. Many fans believe that the duo has broken up and is not in touch anymore.

In other news, the actor has spoken about how he dislikes posting on Instagram. He stated that he feels terrified about the idea of sharing one’s personal life with the public. He called IG a distracting platform and anxiety-inducing and said that he uses it only to promote his work.

What is Elsie’s Net Worth?

According to a few reports, the British actress allegedly has a whopping net worth of $400,000. However, the source is not verified.

Is Elsie Richter on Instagram?

Yes. You can find Elsie Richter on Instagram and follow her. Her IG handle goes @elsiepearls, and she has 146k followers and 34 posts.

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