First death due to the Delta variant in Argentina: ‘patient zero’ dies in Córdoba

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Primera muerte por la variante Delta en Argentina: fallece el 'paciente cero' en Córdoba

This Sunday in Argentina the man who allegedly introduced the Delta variant of the coronavirus in the country died. The so-called ‘patient zero’ died in the province of Córdoba after suffering from severe bilateral pneumonia, reports The voice.

This is the first fatal case in Argentina of this contagious mutation of the virus, detected for the first time in India. The 62-year-old man, who was not vaccinated against covid-19, spent three weeks at the Rawson Hospital in Cordoba after entering the country in July from Peru.

According to local media, upon arriving in Buenos Aires on July 19, the man underwent a coronavirus test in the usual control inside the Ezeiza airport, the result of which was negative.

But already in the province of Córdoba, when he repeated the test, he tested positive and when the sample was sequenced, it was confirmed that it was the Delta variant. Later, it turned out that during that period he did not respect mandatory isolation and participated in social gatherings without knowing that he was infected.

This situation generated a focus of infections, where 35 of the 60 registered people who carry or carried this variant were infected with coronavirus in the Argentine province.

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