First images and details of Peacemaker, the new spin-off series of The Suicide Squad starring John Cena

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James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy, is the new hope of Warner Bros. and the DC Universe. This new version aims to improve the Suicide Squad franchise and place it within the DC Cinematic Universe, which has always been scattered and separate.

In the new movie we will see the adventures of The Suicide Squad, again Sent on suicide missions by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) and that will present the members of this peculiar group again. It will hit theaters on August 6 and although it has not been released yet, the confidence of Warner Bros. seems to be total because has greenlit a spin-off series starring Peacermaker, played by John Cena, and directed by James Gunn.

In fact, things seem to be going so well that we have already been able to know the first details of the series and we have even seen John Cena with his suit in some new images. In addition to being covered in blood, an unsurprising detail for a villain, we can see a colorful house behind him.

James Gunn has written the entire series and will direct 5 of the 8 episodes that the season will have. Also, we know that will premiere in January 2022 on the HBO Max platform. In fact, the director has commented the following about the character to the Empire medium: “Peacemaker is a piece of shit. He’s not a good uncle. And he’s wearing the dumbest suit you’ve ever seen“.

And adds: “Peacemaker has very definite ideals that I find interesting to explore: ‘I want peace no matter how many men, women and children I have to kill to get it“This last feature is what made Gunn want explore more of the character. And no wonder … It is a mindset that is causing conflict today.

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Bottom line: DC loves villains. At the same time that he explores these villains with movies like The Suicide Squad and Joker, and series like this one; DC is also planning its next step for its Cinematographic Universe with the film of Flash, which could restart the entire universe with an event called Flashpoint.

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