First impressions on the premiere of What If…?

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Marvel Studios and Disney + premiered their new series, What If…? On Wednesday, August 11, which greatly met most expectations.

What would happen if…? That is the question that raises each chapter of the new series of Marvel Studios, What If…? The show started this week, waiting for the delivery of a new episode every Wednesday until the end. The exercise, proposed in the introduction by The vigilant, it is interesting: “consider the question (that has the title of the show)”. By doing so, it certainly makes more sense.

The first fragment, of 33 minutes, shows an alternative reality in which the agent Peggy Carter take the super soldier serum and not Steve Rogers. After the above, the spy becomes the Capitana Carter, thus taking the place of his colleague.

In the course of history, some significant changes occur as consequences of the alteration in the timeline. For example, under the pressure of the insufficiency supposedly represented by a woman as a heroine in full Second war, Howard Stark must create the first prototype of the suit Iron Man. This is worn by Rogers.

Style and impact

The arc looks interesting and, without a doubt, the new ramifications of reality are brilliant and fit very well with what we already saw in it. UCM. However, perhaps the best thing about the series is that each capsule looks like it is literally a version of the movie it relates to.

That is, by placing the question in mind and enjoying the content, our own reality is different and adapts to the new one that is shown to us there.

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For their part, the creators found a way that it is not uncomfortable to accept the new timeline, it could even be that our minds are left with elements of both, to facilitate changes in the future.

No doubt like Tom Hiddleston predicted, this show will be the most important, as it will leave very useful elements for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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