First international reactions to “Jungle Cruise”: “A fun and lively adventure”

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Jungle Cruise It is the latest film that Disney has created from an attraction in its theme park. A project that has been developing for more than 10 years, since the directors of La casa del corazón realized the hit that was the franchise of Pirates of the Caribbean. Now, a few days from his premiere in Spain on July 30, international critics have already seen the delivery led by Dwayne Johnson, the Spanish director Jaume Collet-Serra and Emily Blunt, the last to be added to a project convinced by the former WWE wrestler.

The story of Jungle Cruise is set to early 20th century, tells the adventures of the captain of a river boat (Dwayne Johnson) who transports a scientist (Emily Blunt) that he is looking for the Tree of Life. But both will not be alone, but will have to face another expedition group, as well as dangerous animals from the deep jungle.

Most of the international critics who have seen it agree that it is about a very entertaining tape, with great chemistry between its cast. Perry Nemiroff de Collider claimed that the tape “It feels like a ride in a theme park” and that he had a really good time with everything is part of the mythology and the action. “The biggest winner of the group is the chemistry of the cast. Emily Blunt, Dwayne Johnson y Jack Whitehall they are extremely charming together, ”he said via Twitter.

Jenna Busch Tuitaba with a certain nostalgia on the sensations her viewing had provoked: “Disney’s Jungle Cruise is an absolute delight! It’s fun, full of quirks and it reminds me of the classic movies of my childhood. Emily Blunt, @Therock and @jackwitehall are having fun and it shows. It is like After the green heart and I have gone exactly for that! ”. Secondly, Erik Davis the Rotten Tomatoes stressed that it “feels very similar to tapes like Pirates of the Caribbean and it contains quite a few references to the theme park adventure.

It seems that Jungle Cruise promises to be one of the great entertainments for a summer movie plan. This coming weekend, it will be available in both theaters as in the Disney Plus Premium Access.

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