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First Photos: Khyree Jackson's Dodge Charger Crash Scene Revealed

First Photos: Khyree Jackson’s Dodge Charger Crash Scene Revealed
Instagram/ Composite

The sports world was rocked by the sudden death of Khyree Jackson. New photos obtained by TMZ capture the devastating aftermath of the crash involving the Minnesota Vikings cornerback.

Jackson was driving a Dodge Charger, accompanied by Isaiah Hazel and Anthony Lytton, early Saturday morning when the fatal crash took place. The photos reveal the Dodge Charger in a completely disfigured state.

Images show the car being hauled onto a tow truck, utterly flattened, with the back portion severed from the main cab. Another image offers a closer look at the mangled rear half of the vehicle, where the interior is visibly poking through the stripped-away sections of the car’s body.

Authorities reported receiving calls about the crash early in the morning. The Dodge Charger had collided with two other vehicles. Both Khyree Jackson and Isaiah Hazel were pronounced dead at the scene, while Anthony Lytton was transported to a nearby hospital where he later passed away.

According to police, a silver Infiniti attempted to change lanes at high speed, crashing into the Dodge Charger and sending it careening into a Chevy Impala before ultimately plowing into trees by the roadside. Maryland State Police have stated that the investigation is ongoing.

In the wake of the tragedy, the Vikings’ General Manager issued a heartfelt statement, expressing, “I am heartbroken by the loss of Khyree… My thoughts are with Khyree’s family and friends.”

Khyree Jackson’s promising career with the Minnesota Vikings had just begun. He was selected a few months ago in the fourth round of the NFL Draft from the University of Oregon, where he tallied 34 tackles and three interceptions last season. His untimely death at the age of 24 leaves a void in the football community and beyond.