First reviews of Snake Eyes: The Origin. Úrsula Corberó shines like the Baroness

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Espectacular tráiler de Snake Eyes: el origen (2021)

The relaunch of the GI Joe franchise, Snake Eyes: El origen It opens in the USA on July 23 and the critics seem divided with the new film

The film franchise based on Hasbro’s famous line of action figures, GI Joe, returns to the cinema screens with Snake Eyes: El origen, film that although it could be a spin-off of the two previous films, with the silent Ninja of the Joe as the protagonist, is not, and will serve as a reboot for future films.

Snake Eyes: The origin stars Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians, Last Christmas, A Little Favor), in the role of Snake Eyes, a tenacious solitary warrior who, after saving the life of the heir of the Arashikage, is taken in by this Japanese clan. Upon arrival in Japan, the Arashikage teach Snake Eyes how to become a ninja warrior, while providing him with something he longs for: a home. But when secrets from his past are revealed, the honor and loyalty of Snake Eyes they will be tested, even if it means losing the trust of their allies.

The film hits theaters tomorrow in the United States, while in Spain we will have to wait until August 20, but we already have the first reviews, that place it as the best GI Joe movie to date, something on the other hand not difficult, but they also point out that Golding plays as an action star, that there is little blood to have so many sword fighting scenes with the aim of achieving the PG13 rating, and highlight the performance of the Spanish Úrsula Corberó and Andrew Koji as characters that will be worth seeing in a sequel.

Below you can read the first impressions

Variety has said of her: “Snake Eyes: Origin” is probably as good a movie as the one you’ll get that has the words “GI Joe” in the title. Maybe it’s because it seems to have very little to do with anyone’s conventional idea of ​​GI Joe. It’s not a slightly jingoistic, square-jawed heavy weapon combat orgy like GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) or GI Joe: Retaliation (2013), the previous two installments in the Hasbro-inspired action franchise. Rather, it is a ninja combat orgy with a dark atmosphere and graceful scissor limbs – a tale of revenge, nobility and intrigue set in Tokyo. “

Comicbook for his part he said:it’s a good movie with lots of action and interesting characters who could benefit from a more balanced story where they more evenly distribute their participation in the main story rather than being forced to support others at all times. Golding’s turn as an action star doesn’t stand out, but with Koji, Weaving and Corberó, it’s enough to justify a continuation for when the credits roll. “.

The Hollywood reporter: “It should have been more agile and petty, not to mention more palpably violent. (Despite the hundreds of swords slicing through the air in this PG-13 adventure, the only blood we see is peacefully drawn for a DNA test.) Watching a movie from the producer of the Transformers series is another throwback to the days when television cartoons were essentially cheap commercials for new toys. “

The Guardian: “A boring attempt to give Henry Golding his own franchise quickly fades with no-compromise action sequences and bloodless combat”.

Indiwire: “The action scenes are so inexplicably painful, and the character work in Snake Eyes is so unexpectedly strong, that your heart sinks every time the swords come out. The good news is that the much-discussed “third challenge” of life and death that awaits Snake Eyes at the end of the second act is not just another duel. The best news is that Snake Eyes, Tommy, Akiko, and the rest of the gang are fun to watch during the parts of the movie where you can actually see them, and would thrive in a possible sequel (with a different crew behind the camera) if Paramount’s roll of the dice on this legitimately dormant franchise is somehow worth it. “.

In short, what we hope to see is an entertaining movie that could easily be a spin-off of Fast and Furious, that lays the groundwork for the restart of the GI Joe franchise in which everyone but its main star stands out. A shame for one of my favorite Joe characters.

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