First Stray Blade Combat Trailer; this is the promising new ARPG

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Stray Blade can be seen in this new trailer published by 505 Games and that shows action and personality in equal parts. The title is a RPG of action where we embody an adventurer who will explore the valley of Acrea with his companion Boji, the wolf Ginnon. Discovering more about the history of the Forgotten Valley and mastering the power of three acreous metals will be key to restoring balance to this desolate land.

The game, which has as its departure date 2022 but without specifying when, it will be an experience for a player and will arrive with subtitles and menus in Spanish (voices in English). In this video that we bring you exclusively for Spain you can see more details about what the game has to offer.

It is announced for the new generation of consoles, both PS5 What Xbox Series, as well as for the two main clients of PC, Steam y Epic Games Store. The title was announced during the month of August with a short teaser, but today we can see in more detail everything it wants to offer.


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