Fito Páez’s children and their identity in the Netflix series “Love After Love”

By: Dan Cooper

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Fito Páez: More Than a Rock Icon

Fito Páez is a well-known singer-songwriter in Argentina and his music has crossed borders, having fans all over the world. With his biopic “Love after love” on Netflix, his followers are discovering new details about his life. One of the most sought-after pieces of information is about his children. Here’s what we know:

Meet Fito Páez’s Children

Martín Páez

Martín Páez is Fito Páez’s adopted son, whom he hasn’t left alone since he welcomed him into his family. Martín is a 23-year-old plastic artist who had his first painting exhibition in 2019. He also manages his father’s online store and has accompanied him to some shows. Although he lives with his mother, he shares his work and moments with his loved ones on his social networks.

Margarita Páez

Margarita Páez is Fito Páez’s youngest daughter, born in 2004. She inherited her grandmother’s passion for the piano and started acting alongside her mother in a film at the age of 14. The artist boasts about his daughter on social networks and praises her musical talent, beauty, and humor.

The Proud Father

Fito Páez is proud of his children and often shares photos and videos of them on his social media accounts. Despite his busy career, he always makes time for them and supports them in their passions.

As we can see, Fito Páez not only has two children who bring him joy, but he also has a legacy that he has passed down to both his children: a love for music and art.

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