Five stocks with an uptrend on an Ibex 35 below 9,000 points

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Fluidra, Cellnex, REE, Inmobiliaria Colonial and Almirall stand out and counteract the drops of an Ibex 35 that stands at 9,000 points. Their upward trend is exposed in their technical indicators developed by the Investment Strategies analysis department, which give them a technical outstanding.

These ratings take into account the stock’s medium and long-term trend, fast and slow total momentum, long- and medium-term volume, and medium and long-term amplitude range.

Technical indicators They help us read the charts and select the best companies to invest in. In this webinar, we explain their importance and how we apply them in Ei Premium with tools available to subscribers.

The bull phase it is determined by an unquestionable uptrend value, which is freely rising, has reduced volatility and volume increasing or stabilizing. It is a value of ten.

A value in consolidation It is one that has had an upward trend and is dedicated to resting or seeing what happens. Volume loses strength, volatility falls and indicators stagnate. See technical indicators on stock and stocks.

The rebound phase It is that of those values ​​that come from a punishment and are trying to improve. A security that bounces, triggers buy signals, increases volume, falls volatility and begins to show signs that the situation could improve. If this continues, the most normal thing is that you have a passing score.

Fluidra and Cellnex are the companies that stand out the most on the Spanish stock market with a score of 9.5 out of 10, which brings them closer to perfection from a technical point of view. The medium and long-term trend indicates upward dynamics and the total fast and slow moment is positive, endorsing the good moment of both companies. The volume of securities follows the same path and points to a growing evolution in both entities both in the medium and long term. Finally, the range of amplitude points to a mixed diagnosis that is growing in the long term and decreasing in the medium term in the two companies.

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In the case of Fluidra, this good dynamic is coupled with its great revaluation, which is higher than 60% in the face of the beginning of this summer period. As regards Cellnex, its upward phase is related to the recent authorization by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) for the acquisition of assets from CK Hutchison for a total value of 10,000 million euros.

What’s more, REE, Inmobiliaria Colonial and Almirall stand out, with a score of 9 points out of 10 and, like the previous ones, they go through an upward phase of the cycle. The trend points to an upward result in the three entities accompanied by a positive fast and slow total moment. The volume of the securities, on the other hand, indicates a mixed dynamic that, in the case of REE and Colonial, is increasing in the medium and decreasing in the long term, while, in Almirall’s technical diagnosis, the opposite occurs. Lastly, volatility once again unifies the analysis by showing a decreasing result in the medium and long term in the three entities.

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