Five tech news to start the day: Toyota, WhatsApp, Xiaomi, Netflix

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The news does not stop, does not rest, it is running 24 hours a day, and what was relevant yesterday today is past news. It is very difficult to keep up with everything and at the same time carry out what you have to do in the day. And in case yesterday you could not review the news or you want remember what happened yesterday Monday the 13th, here are 5 news from Betech about the current technology with which we started the week:

The change that WhatsApp has implemented without you noticing

If you have the status on so that everyone can see the last time you connected, this makes it possible for Anyone who has you on WhatsApp, whether or not it is a contact of yours, will be able to see the last time you connected, or if you are online at that moment. That changes now, since WhatsApp has enabled new privacy measures to protect its users, preventing Unknown contacts get your latest view and online status if you’ve never chatted with them … See more about this news

The new Xiaomi battery for mobile phones with more capacity and at the same time smaller in size

All smartphone manufacturers know that batteries are the most occupying hardware in the phone. And during the past year we have seen how many focus on improving that improvement that reduced the time it took to fill exponentially, but in the case of Xiaomi have been working lately on a way to get more out of the batteries in their terminals. It seems that the work has paid off and as a consequence we would see new batteries in the future … See more about this news

Toyota will charge you to start your car remotely with the key fob

When buying a new Toyota car you have theoption to try Toyota Connected Services. These can include features such as emergency assistance, access point connectivity, and application-based services such as remote vehicle unlocking and starting. Yes, you can start your car remotely just with the remote as seen in the video below, but not all models have this service nor is it free forever … See more about this news

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: filtered its features and versions

The Samsung Galaxy S series is not just reserved for phones. The company has its own line of tablets with this name. Until now, the S7 version is the one that prevails in the market, but the company already has its eyes on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. The proof of this is the filtration that shows PhoneArena, where you can see a table that shows all the versions that are to come of the tablet. We will have three versions: la Galaxy Tab S8, Tab S8 + y Tab S8 Ultra... See more about this news

Premiere movies and series this week on Netflix, Disney +, Movistar +, Prime Video, HBO Max from December 13-19

This pre-Christmas week comes loaded with premieres in the field of VOD services, with series and films expected such as season 2 of The Witcher; the first two from the adult animated Harley Quinn: The Lost Symbol, based on the series based on the novel by The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown; the historical epic of The Last Duel … See more about this news


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