Five tech news to start your day: iPhone, LG TVs, TikTok, Apple and Mac

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The news does not stop, does not rest, it is running 24 hours a day, and what was relevant yesterday today is past news. It is very difficult to keep up with everything and at the same time carry out what you have to do in the day. And in case yesterday you could not review the news or you want remember what happened yesterday Tuesday 14, here you have 5 news from Betech about current technology:

Apple won’t release a minimum foldable iPhone or iPad until 2023, experts say

Expert display analyst Ross Young published an analysis on the future of the different types of panels in the Display Supply Chain site, including flexible displays. And about Apple he made the following point on this topic: “Moment for the iPad and MacBook Apple OLED and flexible: It is not expected until 2023 at the earliest, more possible for 2024 ”… Read more.

LG invents a television with battery, without electrical cable: Smart TV StanbyME

LG Electronics has announced which will present at the next CES 2022, the first great technological event that takes place every year in January in Las Vegas, USA, the ‘smart TV’ StanbyME, a TV with independent battery and without cables, with touch control and gesture recognition, which will belong to its new line of LifeStyle televisions, which will also include its LG Objet TV model … Read more.

Will this be the design of the next Huawei watch?

Huawei continues to be one of the leading companies in the electronics world. Since it disengaged itself from Google and opted for its own software, it has continued in many markets, despite the damage that this has done. And it looks like it will continue to move forward if it confirms the design of a possible new watch that has been leaked … Read more.

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TikTok will let you rate movies and series from the application

The internet and social media have given us the option to be critical of anything from film to device analytics. But now the process will be much faster if it fits in one of the most important cinema reference websites since Rotten Tomatoes is teaming up with TikTok to create their new Jumps... Read more.

Time to protect your Apple devices: New updates for iOS, macOS and iPadOS

do you have an iPhone, iPad, iMac, or MacBook? If you have one or more Apple devices, you might be interested to know that those in Cupertino have released security updates for the operating systems of their devices that correct various security flaws. A malicious application, audio file, or image could execute arbitrary code, so it’s best to keep your Apple device updated to the latest version … Read More


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