Flash: Union makes failure. Meet Barry Allen, he’s always late

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Flash: Union makes failure.  Meet Barry Allen, he's always late

Barry Allen is Flash, and he has many problems, from his villains to time travelers, but the worst is that he is always late for his appointments

A tome to meet Flash, his enemies and his adventures? Flash: Union makes failure, It does all that, and it does it entertaining, with intelligence and light, overcoming the initial phase that the New 52 established, and leaving a self-concluding story that serves to enjoy Flash, without needing to know much about the character, and also serving as an entrance to the comics of the scarlet sprinter and his rich universe.

As his career as a superhero begins, Barry Allen’s life gets complicated, but he is not going to give up a date, a life, and be able to excel in his profession. The scarlet sprinter faces a good part of his gallery of villains, one after another, he does not know the object of this obstacle course and even less who is the culprit, but he knows that he has to stop them. Maybe an unexpected visitor will fix all that? Or complicate it even more? Flash’s life is always complex, luckily the smartest journalist in Central City is there to solve it, and incidentally to help the worst seducer in history, Barry Allen, because if she doesn’t take the step, he doesn’t know how to take it. . He’s Flash, the fastest man in the world, but his social life is at a snail’s pace.

Usually a self-concluding Flash story, whether more or less lengthy, is usually less interesting than your regular walkthrough. But in this case we find a miniseries that could be introduced into the monthly collection without being noticed. It is an initiation arc that can help anyone who has not read much about Flash but knows something about the character to start in the world of comics, and from here to go to the series is just a small step.

Screenwriter Gail Simone is a veteran in the industry, the list of titles she has written is long and littered with important and popular characters. But the ones that show his best prose is in the secondary and minor heroes where he can make changes and develop plots without the typical editorial corset. On Union makes failure focuses on the most important in a short play, that is fun, that it is a roller coaster of action and turns, and above all, that it be a Flash story.

Clayton Henry’s drawing, with a clear and bright line, fits the character a lot. Dynamic and with a direct style, Henry does not get carried away by the spectacular, first he tells the story well, then each spectacular moment will have its share of fireworks, but that everything is understood is the basics for the artist, and he achieves it completely .

Flash. Union makes failure, is a good comic of the scarlet sprinter, with a plot full of supervillains, action, and twists to accelerate the rhythm, because the important thing in Flash is the rhythm. Simone and Henry bring us a work that can serve as a springboard for those who want to start with Flash, or a great entertainment for the most veteran in the characters

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