Flavia Laos leaves open the possibility of venturing into Onlyfans and dreams of becoming a Kardashian – MAG.

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Flavia LaosIn an entertaining interview with influencer Francisco Sierralta, he confessed that he wants to become like one of the Kardashians. In addition, it left open the possibility of venturing into Onlyfans.

Oops, the Kardashians, I want to be like them, they are my role model, they are royals, they do business and they are millionaires. They are cracks, wherever they see them, they fix themselves, they are not hollow at all, they think a lot, they have a lot of vision “, he said between laughs.

In addition, the ex-partner of Patricio Parodi expressed his admiration specifically for Kylie and Kendall. “Kylie and Kendall, they are the last of the Kardashian, and they are the most millionaires, the most tops, they have already passed to the sisters”, he pointed out.

At another point in the interview, Flavia Laos did not rule out joining OnlyFans, but focused on a foreign audience.

“What happens is that I have thought about it, but I would not make a porn content, you understand me, or it would not make it come out calata, but something like that of low quality. Suddenly if I have my international audience, then at some point I could make a type of content that is not so risque “, he bounded.

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