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Flavor Flav Wears US Water Polo Cap During Swim with Women’s Olympic Team

Rapper, reality TV star, and entrepreneur Flavor Flav has recently joined the US women’s water polo team in the pool for a friendly splash ahead of this summer’s Olympics.

The musician donned swim shorts and an official USA Water Polo cap – removing his trademark clock medallion poolside – as he chanted “USA, USA” before diving into the water. Flav, who has recently signed a sponsorship deal to be the “official Hype Man for USA Water Polo Women’s and Men’s National Teams,” shared that wearing the cap made him feel like an Olympian.

“This ain’t easy!,” the musician exclaimed as he tried out some moves in the water. Despite the initial struggle, the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer managed to net a smooth goal in practice, receiving encouraging words from the women’s team who assured him he had the knack. “You’re one of the best people to be able to get in [the water] with us,” one player remarked in a video posted to Instagram by USA Water Polo.

The musician, best known for co-founding the rap group Public Enemy, offered his services as hype man for the US women’s water polo team after seeing an Instagram post from team captain Maggie Steffens encouraging more people to follow the sport.

In response to Steffens on Instagram, Flavor Flav pledged to “use all my relationships and resources” to support the team in the lead-up to the Paris Olympics. “It’s great because what water polo needs, and what a lot of these niche sports need, is someone to open the door to our sport. There’s only so much that we as the athletes can do,” Steffens previously told CNN Sport.

Steffens and her teammates are aiming to make history in Paris as the first women’s water polo team to win four consecutive Olympic gold medals, with the 30-year-old Steffens being a part of each of the previous three successes. Despite such dominance, the team remains largely unknown to many. Like other sports, water polo often struggles to attract audiences outside the spotlight of the Olympics, which only come around once every four years.

Source: CNN