Florcita Polo confesses that her marriage to Néstor Villanueva faces a new crisis

Florcita Polo He spoke about the rumors of separation from Néstor Villanueva and admitted that his relationship with the singer is not going through a good time, despite the fact that they have just completed 11 years together.

The model visited the set of the program “De Mañana”, where she was consulted about her sentimental status. She couldn’t hide her discomfort after being congratulated on her anniversary.

You can’t cover the sun with one finger. We are going through a very strong marriage crisis. Let’s hope we try to recover our relationship and if not, move on for the sake of our children.”Admitted Susy Díaz’s daughter.

After confirming that there is a gap between the two, Florcita Polo clarified that this new crisis is not due to her continuous trips to the interior of the country for work reasons.

“It has not been like that. I have to keep working to raise my children, like Nestor. He is a good dad, a good son, a good husband. Let’s hope we try to fix things, but I can’t stand here and say that everything is fine when it isn’t.”He added.

Let’s remember that a few weeks ago, Florcita Polo drew attention after she confessed to Guty Carrera on the program “América Hoy” that he was her platonic love and that she considered him a ‘very handsome’ boy.

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