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Florcita Polo confesses to Guty Carrera live that she is her platonic love – MAG.

The presence of Guty Carrera in “América Hoy” she left the hosts of the morning magazine dazzled and also one of the special guests this Wednesday, Florcita Polo.

Susy Díaz’s daughter, who has been married to singer Néstor Villanueva for more than 10 years, praised the beauty of the popular ‘Potro’ and even encouraged him to make an intimate confession.

“I’m getting hot, they’ve brought me my platonic love, he’s gorgeous”, said the model and then confess that she has admired him for a long time.

After being rebuked by Edson Dávila, ‘Giselo’, who reminded her of the father of her two children, Florcita assured that she is within her right to appreciate the beauty of others.

“He’s churro, he’s really handsome. The eyes are there to see, right? Are you handsome yes or no ma’am? “, said the event animator, causing the amazement of everyone on set.

El ‘Potro’ also received several accolades from Janet Barboza, who compared him to the actor in the novel “Pasión de Gavilanes”, Mario Cimarro.

Ethel you will agree with me, but not every morning, one has the fortune and the happy eyes of seeing a face like Guty Carrera with that hat”Janet commented without imagining that her partner would ‘pop the balloon’.

Madam please can be your grandson, a little respect pleaser ”, said the conductor better known as ‘Giselo’.

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