Florida Residents Confuse Taylor Swift Concert Lights with Extraterrestrial Activity

By: Dan Cooper

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Taylor Swift’s Concert Tour

Taylor Swift’s concert tour has been touring the United States and has left her fans impressed by the fantastic production it brings. The show is a great display of effects and lights that caused fear in a region of Florida, mistaking them for UFOs.

The Performance

The Lover interpreter appeared on a weekend in the city of Tampa, at Raymond James Stadium. During the show, she performs Don’t Blame Me, where the production shoots an impressive light show into the sky and illuminates it while Swift sings. However, these lights caused confusion among those who were not inside the stadium.

Fear of Alien Invasion

Videos of residents circulate on social networks who filmed the lights in the sky, fearing that it was an alien invasion. “They are coming for us!” a woman shouts in a video posted on TikTok in a residential area of ​​Tampa, while listening to other impressed neighbors.

Social Media Response

The recording on social networks went viral, and the fans who have attended the presentations of “The Eras Tour” they were quick to explain that it’s just “Taylor opening the gates of heaven by performing Don’t Blame Me.” “As a Taylor Swift fan, this is extremely funny,” one user wrote in the video posted to TikTok.

Taylor Swift vs. Alien Shit

That’s not Taylor Swift, that’s alien shit,” says the incredulous woman from the concert production of the American star, who was performing in the city at the same time. In the brief clip an intense white light is seen moving through the clouds in the Tampa sky.

Despite the commotion caused by the fantastic light display, there is no doubt that Taylor Swift’s concert tour continues to be a resounding success.

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