Flying car racing; the F-1 of the future in the Australian desert

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Adelaide (Australia), Jun 22 (EFE) .- With futuristic flying electric cars, the southern Australian desert last week hosted the first tests that bring the creation in 2022 of a kind of aerial Formula 1 one step closer.

The Airspeeder, as these half-sporty, half-helicopter aircraft manufactured by the Australian aeronautical company Alauda are known, is capable of reaching 130 kilometers per hour thanks to its powerful eight propellers.

“We plan to organize (races) in the United States and Asia in the next 18 months,” said Matt Pearson, founder of Airspeeder’s parent company, during a visit by the Australian Foreign Press Association, to which Efe belongs, to a business innovation center in Adelaide.

“And eventually I want to fulfill my dream of racing in Monaco,” added the Australian entrepreneur.

For this preliminary race, which was held at an undisclosed location in the state of South Australia, the Mk3 was used, a 100-kilogram machine remotely operated by a pilot and unveiled last February.

In a statement about the recent test, the organizers highlighted the success of the event and the enormous technological potential that it can have.

The promoters are already planning for this year a first series of races, called EXA and preceded by a preseason, where eight Airspeeder riders will participate, grouped into four teams, and consisting of three events in “places inaccessible for traditional motorsports” .

The idea of ​​the company is that from 2022 the Mk4 models, piloted from the inside, are used for these flying races.


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