Flying cars are coming, but they will be more expensive than a Ferrari

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AirCar: the car that becomes an airplane in two minutes passed an 80 kilometer flight test

A few years later, but the Back to the Future prediction is getting closer and closer to coming true: in no time they will begin to circulate flying cars, although the values ​​with which they will reach the markets will turn them into niche vehicles, for very few.

Having taken into account the various costly elements required to make a flying car a reality, including retractable wings, jet engines, and large fuel tanks, the Pentagon Motor Group (a British automotive-related company) did the math for calculate how much would they cost.

The result is a model that, if it were available for purchase today, would be more expensive than the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, a 986 horsepower hybrid supercar.

Estimated selling prices were calculated at $ 686,455. For reference, the 2021 SF90 Stradale has an MSRP of 625,000 in the United States.

According to a Fox Business report, Pentagon Motor Group chief marketing officer Shakeel Hussian says that the cost of owning a flying car is not achievable for most, since it is identified as a luxury machine whose business card is technology. However, he expects costs to decline as time goes on, following a similar trajectory to electric vehicles. “The cost of the first electric cars started high and little by little it has started to get cheaper,” he said.

But the expenses don’t stop there. Between a flight license, insurance, parking and fuel, owners can get to need an additional $ 69,000 during your first year. That’s compelling enough to conclude that, at least initially, flying cars will be aimed at very high-net-worth people.

The test passed by the AirCar

A prototype of the flying car called AirCar completed a thirty-five minute flight between two international airports in Slovakia. It started from Nitra, planned around 80 kilometers and landed in Bratislava, as part of a key test for its development carried out a few weeks ago.

The AirCar it debuted in the skies in December, with its first real flight, but this test was the first it made between two cities. Happens from car to plane and from plane to car in just two minutes and fifteen seconds, making the dream of millions of mobility enthusiasts a reality. Look at the video.

The flight of the AirCar, the flying car

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