‘FMS Spain 2022’, day 1: date, place and participants

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‘FMS Spain 2022’ is a reality. The freestyle league returns with a lot of strength, since it will do so with a face-to-face audience after so long. As if that were not enough, one of the great novelties that we find in this new edition is the return to the competition of two historical MCs. We are talking, of course, of Chuty and Skone.

After so much time, finally all the details of day 1 of ‘FMS Spain 2022’ are known. This event will be held next Saturday, December 18, from 6:00 p.m., in the La Magdalena de Avilés Exhibition Pavilion (Asturias). A unique opportunity to kick off this new stage of ‘FMS’.

Among the participants, we will have Gazir. Not only will he improvise in his native Asturias, but he will do so with the title of champion of ‘FMS International 2021’. Skone and Chuty also join this day 1, as well as Elekipo and Sara Socas. The latter two will do so in place of Errecé and Khan, who were relegated in the league in the 2020-2021 season.

And if that was not enough, Blon, Zasko, Sweet Pain, Tirpa, Mnak y Mister Ego They will also be on this day 1 of ‘FMS Spain 2022’. From the confirmed list, it was still necessary to know who was winner of the Promotion Qualifying Tournament. On November 27, we were able to resolve that question:Hander!

The truth is that this start of the season of ‘FMS Spain’, organized by Urban Roosters, is generating a lot of expectation. We must bear in mind that this matchday 1 will be held after having broken several records, in terms of streaming, during the past season. The safest thing is that they will be able to surpass themselves not only in this aspect, but in many others.

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Therefore, we already have a countdown to enjoy the first day of ‘FMS Spain’. An event in which the current champion, Bnet, will not compete but the runner-up of Spain and the international champion will: Gazir. Save the date: December 18 at the La Magdalena Exhibition Pavilion. If you still don’t have your ticket, Get it before they run out!

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