FNMT Digital Certificate: A Step-by-Step Guide to Request and Download Online

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If you are yet to make an Income Statement, obtaining a digital certificate is integral to carry out this procedure and various others. Earlier, we explained how to request it, however, you had to verify your identity in person. Now, here’s some good news. Thanks to the new service launched by the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT), you can request the digital certificate without physically visiting any office.

The process is 100% online and can be initiated through a computer or mobile device. It costs €2.99 plus taxes, which are well worth it considering the time saved. Moreover, this service is perfect for requesting the mail-in vote for the forthcoming general elections of 23J. We tried it out for ourselves, and it works perfectly without any issues. After submitting the request with my mobile and paying the required fee, I only have to wait for a few days for the FNMT to validate my documentation and issue me the certificate.

To help you understand this process better, we have laid out the detailed steps involved in requesting your digital certificate 100% online.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Visit the FNMT website and install the ‘NFMT-RCM’ configurator on your Windows, Linux, or macOS computer.

2. After installation, review the Autofirma configuration and proceed by clicking on Step 2 – “Request with certificate.”

3. Select the “Authentication” component and press “OK.”

4. Leave “High grade” selected (in Mozilla Firefox), and click on the link to “Consult and accept the conditions for issuing the certificate.”

5. Scroll down, accept the shipping conditions, and click “Next.”

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6. Continue by selecting the “NSS Certificate DB” and filling in the necessary details. Click “OK.”

7. Confirm the request data and click “Sign.”

8. Enter the PIN of your electronic ID when prompted.

9. Choose the signing certificate and click “OK.”

10. Once the signature has been confirmed, an email with the request code will be sent to your email address.

11. Next, you need to verify your identity through your mobile phone. To do this, click on this link and follow the steps mentioned:

12. Fill in your name, surname, and ID number.

13. Take a photo of your ID from both sides using the built-in application.

14. Verify your identity by taking proof of life. Follow the instructions and turn your face to both sides while displaying your ID.

15. After successfully completing the process, you will receive an email confirming the video-identification service and the validation process.

16. Wait for FNMT to validate your request, and once done, make the payment of €2.99 plus tax to download your digital certificate.

This process is now much easier, as you can enjoy all the benefits of obtaining a digital certificate in a fast and convenient manner. Try this service out today and make the most of your time by working from home.

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