Food Truck by David Muñoz: address, menu and how much it costs to eat in El Goxo

David Muñoz is an artist in the kitchen, his magic has crossed borders, collecting international awards for his art. Everything that comes out of your kitchen is an unprecedented gastronomic experience, the combination of ingredients, presentation, aromas and finish makes more than a tear of emotion jump. If you really like food, do not hesitate, once in your life or several you must let yourself be seduced by the magic of David Muñoz. This chef’s Food Truck is a gastronomic sensation that is available to everyone.

Address, menu and prices of the Food Truck of El Goxo de David Muñoz

The Food Truck is the work of El Goxo, David Muñoz’s company is located in front of El Corte Inglés in Castellana, it is part of the Christmas market that is installed in this enclave at this time of year. We can try fast food with the David Muñoz stamp until more or less January 5, at which time the market disappears and with it the possibility of enjoying this incredible food. You can find the following menu and prices in this Food Truck.

  • Double cheeseburger with a David Muñoz twist It costs 15.50 euros, a bargain if we take into account that it is made with fresh local ingredients. It has two sauces, one of the highly smoked chipotle chili mayonnaise and the other of canton lime, bittersweet, creamy and is made with ají panca and ají amarillo
  • Yakisoba cheeseburger double burger is a fusion of east and west which is sold for 15.50 euros. The burger with brioche bread is cooked with a reduction of red wine on beef, yakisoba and perigourdine sauce, a French sauce made with truffles, specifically with black truffle pesto.
  • XO fries with aioli, jalapeños and brava sauce They cost only 4.50 euros.
  • Homemade waffle wrapped in cotton candy It has a price of 9 euros and is served on a skewer with raspberry and caramel ‘pica pica’.
  • Japanese Strawberry Pana Cotta with Cream It is a spectacular dessert with a surprise, a touch of miso and green shiso. The Italian-Japanese merger will cost just 9 euros.
  • Creamy mascarpone flan We can try it for 9 euros, it is a perfect option for lovers of spoon sweets.
  • Pina colada cocktail You can close any dinner or meal is wok-roasted piña colada with bergamot, a citrus fruit similar to pear costs 12.50 euros.

With these prices and qualities, we can indulge in a treat from time to time, a gourmet burger and some exceptional desserts.

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