For his 80th birthday, Grandpa gets a ticket to see Dua Lipa and jumps for joy – MAG.

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Dua Lipa She is one of the fashionable pop singers, which is why she has added millions of fans around the world in a short time. His followers do not distinguish race, sex or even age. This was the case of an 80-year-old man, whose family, for his birthday, decided to give him a ticket to the 26-year-old British artist’s concert. The lord’s reaction was shared in Tik Tok and it didn’t take long for go viral this red social.

Richard L. Waldorf He has publicly declared himself a die-hard admirer of the interpreter of “Levitating”. Knowing this, the grandfather’s family gave him a ticket so that he could see the star and when they handed him the ticket, he exploded with happiness: “You’re fooling me? (…) Are they real? “, he is heard saying, extremely excited.

The video was posted on Tik Tok last October 11 and, in just three days, it has already exceeded 6.1 million views, being shared by so many people that it came into the hands of the very Dua Lipa, who did not miss the opportunity to publish it on his official Instagram account.

After this, the 80 year old man learned that the British shared her reaction, coming to comment that this is “The best thing that ever happened to me”, especially because he has confessed to follow the singer of “New Rules” since its inception.

The event has led users of Tik Tok and Instagram asking Dua Lipa let the treat VIP passes to enter the Backstage both to the 80-year-old man and the rest of his family, as a kind of recognition for following her from her first years in the world of pop music.

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However, until the end of this note, the Grammy winner has not commented on whether she will give this benefit to Richard L. Waldorf. Let’s hope so.

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