For love, he transformed his house into a revolving house so that his wife fully enjoys the landscapes

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The protagonist of this story is Vojin Kusic, a man who lives in the small town of Serb, on Bosnia y Herzegovina. He He had been listening to his wife’s claims for a considerable time that she was not satisfied with the views of her house, in the middle of the field, since they were not good and could not be really appreciated and enjoyed. Therefore, he made a decisive decision with his place of residence.

According to various international media, the woman could not decide which of the windows she liked the most and redecorated the interior of the house at different times of the year, as she seemed to perceive the different planes that nature offered around her. Her husband decided to solve the problem by building their house on a turntable so as not to have to move the internal spaces of the house.

In this way, Vojin Kusic, the 72-year-old man, had a concrete platform installed in the middle of his farm. With a gear mechanism, and the house on it, it can rotate and orient itself to where it seems best to his wife thanks to a motor that moves the striking property.

As specified by the man, the purple house with green walls and a red roof, has the drains oriented to the center, as well as the rest of the supplies, so that it can take and pour water and have electricity regardless of where it is.

What’s more, Vojin Kusic, said that he designed and built the house as an expression of love for his wife lover. “Well, I reached a certain age, my children took over the family business and I finally had time to carry out this project to satisfy my wife,” he said. Kusic.

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Next, the man said that he had to tear down the walls between the bedrooms and turn them into the living room, moving all the electrical wiring. Added to this, he added that it was a very demanding job for his age, but that he still wanted to fulfill that dream for his wife. “I decided to build a new rotating house so that she has the landscape she wants,” he said. Kusic.

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