For sports fans: 7 popular series and not so much to watch this weekend

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Whether it’s the epic of a dog who becomes a basketball star, a kid who befriends neighborhood kids through the neighborhood, or a retired karateka who finds redemption in opening his own dojo, the world of TV shows, and the cinema is full of stories with sports as its axis. Cobra Kai, Watch out, Hercules Watch, Buddy Superstar and Coach Carter, with Samuel L. Jackson are some of the best known examples.

Today, some of these productions can be enjoyed thanks to the streaming and platforms like Apple TV+, Netflix, Star+, HBO Max, Disney+ O Amazon Prime Video. If it is about series, there are seven fictions that you can enjoy if what you prefer are episodic stories to entertain you for a long time. Here we tell you what they are and where you can see them.

A Game of Knights

For football lovers, Netflix has a miniseries from the creator of Downton Abbey which focuses on the origins of football. The story focuses on Fergus Suter, the first professional footballer in history. Of course, to enhance the drama, the production is responsible for twisting the real events a bit and the fiction places a lot of emphasis on the family ties of the protagonist, played by Kevin Guthrie.


The world of wrestling is a show in itself and from there came celebrities who became highly sought after actors, such as Dwayne Johnson and John Cena. Heels focuses on the life of the spade brothers, who must continue with the entertainment business after facing the death of their father. You can enjoy the series for Starz Play and see the interview we did with Alexander Ludwig, one of its protagonists.

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In a line similar to that of Heels, Netflix It has in its catalog the three seasons that were made before it was canceled. Ruth Wilder is the protagonist of this story set in Los Angeles in 1985, where an unsuccessful actress is summoned to perform a female wrestling program. The pandemic destroyed the possibility of seeing the fourth and last installment, but perhaps it happens as with other fictions and fans can twist the arm of the platform to get the closure they deserve.

All or Nothing

At the level of docuseries, Amazon Prime Video has a production for those who enjoy American football. All or Nothing dedicated each of his five seasons to a different franchise of la NFL. There are also versions of soccer teams like Brazil, powerful clubs like Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, and about the iconic New Zealand rugby team, known as los All Blacks.

Cobra Kai

Three decades after the events of the first film of Karate Kid in which they faced Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, YouTube He recovered the two main actors to tell what had happened to them all this time and refloat that rivalry. Over time, Netflix acquired the rights and showed that he plans to squeeze the most out of this saga about martial arts and the heirs of the dojos of the Lord Miyagi and Cobra Kai.

Apache: the life of Carlos Tevez

With a striking resemblance to its lead actor, Balthazar murillo, the series of Netflix was released in 2019 to tell, by way of fiction, the life of one of the most important players in the modern history of Boca Juniors, Carlos Tevez. From its origins in Fuerte Apache, one of the poorest neighborhoods in the capital of Argentina, to its debut in Boca, the production has not yet released news of a potential second season.

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Ted Lasso

One of the most important sports productions of today came from the hand of Apple TV+. Is about Ted Lasso, which was born as a commercial for NBC and became a soccer sensation thanks to the charisma and humor of Jason Sudeikis. With its second season recently released, the show is one of the great candidates for the next Emmy Awards, within the categories of comedy.

Raya and the Last Dragon


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