For this reason Luis Miguel clarified that his Netflix series is fiction and “it is not 100% true”

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On October 28 came the third and final season of Luis Miguel, the series to the streaming service Netflix, closing the fiction of one of the most prominent artistic stars in Latin America. While it was believed that the door was going to close with the final episode, things changed in recent days when the singer himself surprised by clarifying on social networks that it was all a fiction.

The words chosen by the Sol de México through its official Twitter account were: “The Netflix series is fiction. It is not 100% true. Based on real events”. This was a real rarity for his followers, since it is not usual for him to appear publicly in recent years, but for some reason he had the need to clarify what was happening with his program on the platform.

+ For this reason Luis Miguel made the clarification

At the time of publication, his fans crossed in the comments believing that Luismi He was referring to the general tone of the show, so some claimed that from the first installment until now they never believed anything, while others think that their version is true. Nevertheless, recent information indicates that it has to do with a specific event with the aim of detaching itself and staying on the sidelines. What happened?

According to the journalist Carlos Monti in Us in the morning from El Trece, This clarification has to do with a threat of trial that Mariah Carey would have made him for what was shown in the fiction. Therefore, the tweet tries to establish a position that not everything that is told is real and takes a few points only to avoid being involved in a new legal dispute against his ex-partner.

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Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey they made up one of the most passionate romances of the 90s, but in the series it is shown that things did not end well at all and that the relationship was more toxic due to the constant problems of jealousy that they maintained. The Argentine journalist remarks that this version is supported by Mexican media and a statement is expected from the protagonists.

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