‘Forbidden fruit’: Forced to apologize to a Japanese mayor who bit the Olympic gold medal

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Takashi Kawamura, mayor of the Japanese city of Nagoya, has come under heavy criticism for biting off the Olympic gold medal won by a Japanese athlete, collect local media.

The incident occurred on Wednesday during an event to celebrate the victory of the Japanese women’s softball team over the US at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

When player Miu Goto hung her gold medal on Kawamura, the mayor took off his mask and put the Olympic medal in his mouth.

The images of Kawamura with the medal in his mouth, before a panel urging people to comply with sanitary measures, they outraged many of their compatriots.

“I, personally, was very careful not to scratch my gold medal”, He said on his Twitter account the judoka Naohisa Takato, who also won a gold medal at the Olympics. “Goto has too big a heart. I would have cried“he added.

An act lacking in respect

Japanese fencer Yuki Ota he claimed that “in addition to showing a disrespect towards the athletes, “he recalled that Kawamura bit the medal when the restrictive measures force athletes to hang their medals themselves.

Kawamura’s gesture was also denounced by Toyota Motor Corp., one of the biggest sponsors of the Olympic Games. from Tokyo and owner the Goto Club. “It was an act unworthy and lacking in respect“the company announced in a statement.

At least 4,000 requests they were sent to the municipal government demanding an apology from the mayor of Nagoya.

“I saw the gold medal that I had admired and acted on impulse,” Kawamura confessed to local media. “I messed up the symbol of years and years of hard work. I apologize from the bottom of my heart, “he added.

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Although the joke of biting the medal to ‘check’ that it is gold is very common among athletes, this year the organizers advise against the gesture due to the growing number of infections linked to the Olympic Games.

“We just want to officially confirm that the Tokyo 2020 medals they are not consumable“says the Tweet published on July 25 in the official account of the Olympic Games. Tokyo 2020. “So you don’t have to bite them … but we know that you will anyway“.

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