Ford Almusafes raises a new ERTE of 33 days until the end of the year due to the lack of parts

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Factory address Ford en Almusafes (Valencia) has proposed a new File of Temporary Employment Regulation (ERTE) of 33 days, between now and the end of the year, due to the supply problems of semiconductor microchips that affect the automotive sector internationally, as confirmed by sources close to the situation to this newspaper. An announcement that comes the day that the regulation that has been prevailing at the plant until now ends, which forced several days to stop in recent weeks.

Specifically, the company has proposed to the workers’ representatives a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) with 33 days of ‘total stoppage’ in the Vehicle and Engine Manufacturing plants during the period between October 4 as of December 23, 2021.

In this framework, the company has advanced that the Vehicle Manufacturing plants will stop from October 4-13 and the rest of the days will be specified this Friday, at the first meeting of the Negotiating Commission of the temporary employment regulation file (ERTE), which will be held at 10.00 am.

«In this new negotiating framework, we plan to maintain the terms agreed in the previous temporary employment regulation file (ERTE), since circumstances have not changed and the parts supply crisis continues to affect the Almusafes plant in the same way, “the sources said in conversations with this newspaper. .

According to the unions, the oval brand has explained that it has been forced to make the decision, despite the fact that “There are plenty of orders” and of the Valencian factory it is one of the Ford plants «least affected» by the crisis of supply of microchips, compared for example with those of Germany or Romania, which are forced to stop for weeks due to the lack of supply of chips.

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