“Ford celebrates Pamela Silva’s son’s 3rd birthday in style!”

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Little Ford Celebrates His 3rd Birthday

Pamela Silva’s son, Little Ford, turned three years old and his proud mother celebrated the occasion in a big way. The co-host of Primer Impacto shared some images of this very special moment for both of them, in which they enjoyed every moment with a smile.

Mother’s Love

Excited and touched like a mother, the journalist dedicated some precious words to her little boy, her greatest love. “A day like today, 3 years ago, you came into this world to teach me what unconditional love was. The best thing that has happened to me in this life is, without a doubt, that God chose me as his accomplice for your creation. It is a true privilege to see you grow and my greatest blessing is to see you happy. I adore you, my son,” the host expressed to him on her networks.

An Unforgettable Day

Always under the tender gaze of his mother, Little Ford was surrounded by blue and red balloons, a number three held by him and his birthday gifts. He allowed himself to be photographed and enjoyed every moment with a smile. Pamela did everything to make this an unforgettable day for her offspring.

A Meltdown on Social Media

Pamela’s son melted the networks with these images that show how big and beautiful he looks at three years old. Congratulations, Little Ford!

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