Former Blizzard boss reported harassment and wage inequalities at Activision

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The case of Activision Blizzard is taking increasingly serious turns. The article published by The Wall Street Journal depicts a corporate culture based on systematic harassment and discrimination, which reaches even Bobby Kotick, CEO of the company. Following the departure of J. Allen Brack from the chairmanship of Blizzard Entertainment, the company appointed Jen Oneal and Mike Ybarra, but shortly after, Oneal announced his resignation. The real reasons for his departure have just come to light.

The WSJ has revealed an email sent by Oneal to a member of Activision Blizzard’s legal department. The former head of Vicarious Visions reported that she had been the victim of sexual harassment in the past and that she was paid less than Ybarra despite holding the same position. “I have been objectified, marginalized and discriminated against”said the former president of Blizzard Entertainment.

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Internal Slack Communications Leaked

After this event was made public, IGN has managed to get captures of Slack (internal communication tool) in which Oneal complained of wage discrimination. Although both bosses asked for salary equalization, the North American giant turned a deaf ear to the request and refused to do so on multiple occasions. The reasons for these successive refusals have not transpired.

“When Mike and I were placed in the same co-leadership position, we did so with our previous salary, which was not equivalent. It continued like this for a while until we made multiple rejected requests to reach parity. ” And adds. “Although the company informed me before I resigned that they were working on a new proposal, they made us an equivalent offer only after he resigned”, He assures.

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The plight at Activision Blizzard has received a response from castling by Bobby Kotick and the board of directors, who maintain trust in him despite the fact that the information suggests not only knowledge on the part of the executive, but also direct involvement in cases of sexual harassment.

Source | WSJ, IGN


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