Former K-Pop rapper sentenced to prison for using marijuana

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Former K-Pop rapper sentenced to prison for using marijuana

The former star of K-Pop and rapper, Jung Ilhoon, who was part of the boy band BTOB, has been sentenced to two years in prison for the purchase and use of marijuana. The South Korean was also fined KRW 133 million (about US $ 119,000).

According to reports on Korean news sites, the chief judge of the Seoul Central District Court presided over Ilhoon’s case and sentenced him to 2 years in prison for habitual marijuana use. It was reported that the prosecution demanded four years in prison.

It was also considered necessary to stop former BTOB member in court, as he believed that it was highly likely that Ilhoon could flee. Reports go on to state that Jung is suspected of working with a group of seven people to make illegal purchases over a 30-month period, from July 2016 to January 2019.

Rapper Jung Ilhoon has also been accused of using marijuana 161 times in the past. Your attorneys they asked for mercy in their trials, stating that the Korean pop star struggled to be the center of attention as an idol.

A report on “” quotes Jung Ilhoon’s lawyer as saying: “The defendant is deeply reflecting on his actions. He was scared because it was the first trial and investigation of his life. He worked in the entertainment industry at an age so early and tried to relieve stress the wrong way. “

Since news of the court ruling broke, fans have been taking to Twitter to show their support. The Truth News He shares more details with you below. Earlier, we reported that other famous South Korean singers were sentenced to jail.

Jung Ilhoon left group BTOB after news of his investigation for illegal use of marijuana. The former idol later enlisted in the South Korean military since May 2020. The former K-Pop singer was serving his mandatory military service as a public service worker, until the court sentenced him to prison.

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