Former Rockstar employees detail mechanics of canceled Bully 2

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One of the most insistent rumors of recent years regarding Rockstar Games, creators of GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2, among others, is the development of a sequel to Bully. This game, originally launched in 2006 and surrounded by great controversy due to its theme, has always been in the spotlight due to a possible development of a second installment, something that at least started, but ended up being canceled. Today, thanks to a former Rockstar employee, we got to know some details that the game would have had had it finally been released.

This is how Bully 2 was going to be

First, the development of Bully 2 was assigned to Rockstar New England, formerly known as Mad Doc Software prior to its acquisition by the Houser Brothers company. There were at least between 6 and 8 hours that were fully playable, but then from Rockstar they decided that this study was dedicated to offering support to other developments such as those of Max Payne 3 The Red Dead Redemption, and according to his employees, the company officially forgot about Bully 2.

There was a lot of focus on the character, very deep systems“said one of them, who ensures that the map of Bully 2 was going to be approximately” three times larger than the original “, and that the scale was really ambitious. For example, Rockstar wanted the player to be able to enter each and every building in the game, a great effort in terms of development.

Another of Rockstar’s goals was mark a milestone when it comes to artificial intelligence, with a system according to which the player’s actions have more consequences, and the NPCs will remember everything that Jimmy, their protagonist, did.

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“We really wanted to make sure people remembered what you were doing, so if you played a prank on your neighbor, he would remember it,” explains one of these former Rockstar employees. “That your actions had more meaning in a radius of about 6 meters and the NPC had a memory of at least 5 seconds.”

This system would be used years later in Red Dead Redemption 2. “The way you interact with other characters in the world, more than with your fists or your gun, the sense of memory they have … There are many things in the game,” they admit.

The same article also mentions the crunch culture at Rockstar which, far from being hidden, has always been an open secret.

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