Former Stray Kids Member Woojin Proves His Innocence In Official Documentary

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Kim Woojin, former member of Stray Kids, who is currently preparing for his first solo album, has had his share of scandals and accusations that knocked him off the popularity ladder and deemed him problematic.

Your new agency, 10x Entertainment, released a 5-part mini-documentary known as “Finger Killer”, where they address all parts of the accusation of sexual assault which went viral on Twitter in September 2020.

Each episode is roughly 5-6 minutes long, packed with information, evidence, and jokes from the narrator, ‘Blue Bear’, the company’s newest employee. The series had the feel of a ‘mockumentary’ with references to Blue Bear’s memes and anecdotes throughout the documentary.

The Truth News shares with you that despite those joyous moments, the efforts made by the 10x Entertainment company To investigate the allegations and find evidence to counter those tweets was a feat in itself.

The first two episodes of Finger Killer were an introduction to the famous Stray Kids, the allegations, Blue Bear and how they found the origin of the infamous Person ‘TV’ tweet followed by the image.

Because their CEO was a whiskey aficionado, they were able to follow a trail that eventually led them to the original image on Instagram and even verified the image of the actual owner. In episodes 3 and 4, the company faces another scandal, except it’s about them!

Many netizens went ahead and claimed that 10x Entertainment is simply a shell or a bogus company. That was also quickly canceled by the evidence presented by the company.

Another issue was the official statement posted by the male K-Pop artist on Instagram, regarding the allegations and his future endeavors. The statement was mistranslated and now the international audience assumed that the former Stray Kids member had issued an apology, which was again vehemently denied by the company.

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Episode 5, the last episode, was the last effort the company had made to find the original perpetrators And during their investigation, they found some shocking new facts that tied the whole scandal together.

They also discussed the efforts they made to get Woojin’s Instagram account back because according to Instagram (Facebook) policy, convicted sex offenders cannot access the platform.

They ended the documentary by stating that all negative and damaging statements will be treated with a legal stance and honestly, other entertainment companies should do the same as well.

Kim Woojin was charged with sexual harassment, and the virtual complaint was posted on a (now closed) Twitter account. Due to the above, the idol no longer continued as one of the eight Stray Kids members. However, the specific or personal reasons for his departure were not disclosed.

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