Former Tripwire CEO Calls for Study Support Following Farewell to Anti-Abortion Remarks

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The bomb exploded within Tripwire Interactive when its president, John Gibson, posted a tweet in which applauded the resolution of the Supreme Court of the United States in relation to the Texas law on abortion, which penalizes women who choose this route, even if they have been raped. The rain of criticism soon grew worse, to the point that one of the company’s partners announced the termination of all contracts. Gibson has stepped down as CEO, but has now shared a statement asking fans to continue to support Tripwire.

Official statement by John Gibson

“By now you will have heard of my departure as CEO of Tripwire Interactive. To all the fans, friends and colleagues from across the spectrum of beliefs who have contacted me to offer support, thank you very much. It means more than you can imagine”, He commented on Twitter. “To all those angered by my departure, I ask that you continue to support Tripwire and its many incredible partners. Please know that the owners and managers of Tripwire have acted with class and professionalism, they have treated me well, with great care and dignity. I will be grateful for it for life. “

Gibson has been proud to have led the company thus far. “I am convinced that the talented members of the Tripwire team they will continue to achieve even bigger things”. In addition, he has referred to his partners, to whom he has also reserved good words.

On the thorny issue of abortion, he has not added anything else. The original tweet still remains on his Twitter timeline. MeriStation asked the company if Gibson would continue to be linked to the company in some other way, but has received no response. However, the Twitter biography of the former president suggests that not: “Currently full time philanthropist. I continue to help the poor and underprivileged of the world, including orphans and widows. “

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