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Fortnite – 17.20 patch notes: update changes and news

The patch 17.20 from Fortnite arrived at the game on Tuesday, July 20, 2021 and brought with it numerous changes Y novelties. Next we tell you what are the most important improvements of this new content update from Season 7 of Battle Pass from Fortnite Chapter 2, as the new function of inventory preferred item spaces:

Fortnite: 17.20 patch notes

For some time, Epic Games has not published patch notes as such; instead, we have to access your Trello, where they publish what problems they know are in the game currently, and which of them will be corrected with each patch.

General Fortnite changes and fixes

  • Due to a bug, some players may not be able to use the Last Forever gesture. It has been fixed.
  • An unexpected issue causes some items to automatically equip after being picked up. It has been fixed.
  • The reactive effect of the Lean skin is not working due to an unexpected problem. It has been corrected.
  • An issue causes controller players to have difficulty navigating the voice chat player menu if the list is too long. It has been fixed.

Changes and fixes in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode

  • An error causes the remaining time left to open a cosmic chest to continue to appear on the screen even if we have opened it if we have completed a contract before opening it.
  • Driving a vehicle while disguised as a stage element causes the vehicle to move erratically. This has been fixed.
  • Zip lines have been temporarily disabled to correct a bug. They are expected to be reactivated with this patch.
  • Disabled the “activate rift” service for some characters / NPCs temporarily to correct a bug. It is expected to be reactivated with this patch.
  • A bug causes rare chests to sometimes not drop items in competitive modes. It has been fixed.
  • The button for the Arena tournament or division does not work correctly if we navigate through the menu with a controller. This has been fixed.
  • The “hold inventory button” shortcut to craft items quickly does not work. It has been fixed.

Changes and fixes in Fortnite Creative mode

  • A bug causes vehicle explosions to not generate correctly if the “destroy with transmission” option is enabled. It has been fixed.
  • There are lighting issues when using Repeat Mode in Creative Mode games. It has been fixed.
  • The wrong crosshair sometimes appears when using the Railgun in Creative Mode. This has been fixed.
  • A bug causes players to run into an infinite loading screen when flying off a creative island. It has been corrected.

Changes and fixes in Save the World of Fortnite

  • The Banner gadget only deals a flat amount of damage rather than its base damage. It has been fixed.
  • An error makes the graffiti not visible. This has been corrected.

What’s new in Fortnite patch 17.20

According to the Twitter account FortniteStatus, which is responsible for reporting on the current status of the video game, the changes that occur with patch 17.20 are the following:

  • The file system is added to the skin Bugha and its items, plus Bugha’s Endgame game mode.
  • The mission of the Week 6Deploy a Cube of Alien Nanomachines at any location except Sacred Hotbed“will be completed automatically for all players.

All new cosmetic items from Fortnite patch 17.20

Fortnite patch 17.20 has brought with it new cosmetic items such as skins, peaks, backpacks, down the delta, and much more:

New missions added with Fortnite patch 17.20

Fortnite Patch 17.20 has added the missions and challenges of the Week 7 and the Week 8:

New map after Fortnite patch 17.20

These are the map changes after Fortnite patch 17.20:

New Weapons and Items Added with Fortnite Patch 17.20

Fortnite Patch 17.20 has added new weapons and items to the game, such as the following:

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