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Fortnite – 17.50 patch notes: update changes and news

The patch 17.50 from Fortnite arrived at the game on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 and brought with it numerous changes and novelties. Next we tell you what are the most important improvements of this new content update from Season 7 of the Battle Pass from Fortnite Chapter 2:

Fortnite – 17.50 patch notes

For some time, Epic Games has not published patch notes as such; instead, we have to access your Trello, where they publish what problems they know are in the game currently, and which of them will be corrected with each patch:

Changes and fixes in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode

  • A bug causes that, when switching from the Mimetizer to a consumable item in the inventory, we cannot use items such as the pickaxe. It has been fixed.

Changes and fixes in Fortnite Creative mode

  • The visual effects device does not show all the possible options that we can use. It is being investigated.
  • Android gamers cannot choose color with the color picker due to an unforeseen error. It is being investigated.
  • A bug causes players to be kicked out of vehicles when they enter shallow water with them. It is being investigated.
  • Adding the Skydome device to the shortcut causes the island to visually reset. This bug is under investigation.

Changes and fixes in Fortnite’s Save the World mode

  • An unforeseen error means that we cannot change our Hero’s equipment from the lobby if we play with command. This is expected to be fixed in this patch.
  • The description of the “Goin ‘Constructor” skill is inaccurate. The description will be edited with this patch.
  • Sergeant Gatling Tank’s ability “Bouncing Shield” is not working due to a bug. It is being investigated.

New cosmetic items added with Fortnite patch 17.50

Fortnite patch 17.50 has brought with it new cosmetic objects in form of skins, backpacks, peaks, down the delta, and much more:

Scenario changes with Fortnite patch 17.50

The Fortnite Battle Royale map has changed after patch 17.50. The island stays like this:

In construction.

New missions added with Fortnite patch 17.50

Fortnite patch 17.50 has brought new missions to the game’s filesystem.

In construction.

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