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Fortnite: how to get the Wonder Woman skin in the Battle Royale - Diario Depor

The developer Epic Games continue to present content for Fortnite Battle Royale. While many gamers enjoy the imposter game mode, which synthesizes the gameplay of Among Us, a new skin has been enabled.

It is about Wonder Woman or Wonder Woman. It is not only an appearance but it comes with different accessories that you can unlock or buy in the virtual store of the video game.

If you buy the bundle with PaVos, the virtual currency of the title, it comes with the golden eagle wings, the same ones that appeared in the last movie, Wonder Woman 1984, Athena’s Pickaxe Battle Ax, DC’s Trinidad Loading Screen and the Manto de Diana retro backpack.

The price of the entire package is 2400 V-Bucks. In case you want to purchase the items separately, you will get 3600 V-Bucks.

Remember that at this time you can play with Bloodsport, Superman and a variant of Batman. On the other hand, it is believed that DC Comics will continue to collaborate with Fortnite to add new characters.

After the premiere of Suicide Squad, DC is expected to seek promotion with skins in the Battle Royale.

Copa Wonder Woman

Copa Wonder Woman. (Foto: Epic Games)Copa Wonder Woman. (Foto: Epic Games)

The skin also comes to Fortnite with an online event. You can enter the tournament in the game modes menu.

Masterful victory: 42 points

2nd: 36 points

3rd: 32 points

4th: 30 points

5th: 29 points

6th: 28 points

7th: 27 points

8th: 26 points

9th: 25 points

10th: 24 points

11th: 23 points

12th: 22 points

13th: 21 points

14th: 20 points

15th: 19 points

16th: 18 points

17th: 17 points

18th: 16 points

19th: 15 points

20th: 14 points

21st: 13 points

22nd: 12 points

23rd: 11 points

24th: 10 points

From 25th to 29th: 9 points

From 30th to 34th: 6 points

From 35th to 39th: 3 points

From 40th to 44th: 2 points

45th to 50th: 1 point

Each elimination: 1 point

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