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Fortnite: how to unlock the Queen of the Cube skin in Season 8 – MRT

Fortnite increases the wardrobe with new cosmetic outfits. This time, the secret skin of the Queen of the Cube has finally arrived in Season 8 of the Battle Royale developed by Epic Games. Players must complete certain challenges in order to unlock the outfit.

The secret skin of the Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass appears hovering over the convergence in the center of the map. To unlock the Cube Queen, as well as two additional styles, various additional cosmetics and gameplay, players will have to pass the following tests:


Survive storm circles while carrying a parallel weapon (5) – Cube Queen Skin Eliminate a player with a parallel minigun (1) – GG Cube Extort opponents (2) – Loading screen The Queen’s Court Use a fish Shadow Stone or Shadow Stone for 3 seconds near a player – Ultimate Reality Matrix Complete all quests on page 1 of the Cube Queen – Cube Queen Alternate Skin – Smash Deal damage to players with a parallel scythe ( 150) – Gathering Tool Complete a Contract from a Contract Board – Royal Face Graffiti Get headshots with a Parallel Rifle (2) – Queen’s Hymn Music Glide in the smoke plumes of Angry Piles – Hang Gliding Queen’s Procession Complete all quests from page 2 of the Queen of the Cube – Alternative Skin of the Queen of the Cube – Procession

If you find it difficult to get the parallel weapon, we recommend heading to a side area or an anomaly. That’s where you’ll need to open one of the purple chests and look for a machine gun, rifle, or scythe.

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