Fortnite launches Cosmic Summer: dates, rewards, creative mode and more

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We have already officially entered the summer months, the time of beaches and beach bars, although this year it will be time to be prudent again due to the coronavirus. The COVID-19 crisis, however, is not present in the fictional universe of Fortnite, which promises to offer a summer full of rewards and thematic news related to this season of the year. The Cosmic Summer will be available from now on until next July 6 at 05:59 (CEST).

The aliens arrive and Epic Games has thrown a party. During this period of celebration, players will have the opportunity to enjoy MTLs in the creative way they love the most within the community. They can be unlocked themed rewards and choose the swimsuit that best suits your tastes. The developer promises new and classic costumes, not to mention the abductor cymbals that have appeared in the area.

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MTL, missions and creative mode

What MTLs will be available in Cosmic Summer? Zone Wars Bio Trios 1.0: Custom Teams, Pro 100; Varied flights: Masterful Navigator and The Pit; All against all. According to the official information provided by Epic, in these MTL we will be able to complete missions and unlock the most coveted rewards: the backpacking accessory, Freezebrain, the surfboard hang glider Suryscraper calls, etc.

By completing the Cosmic Summer missions it will also be possible to unlock the Believer Coast loading screen, which represents this point of interest. On the other hand, those who are successful in six missions will be able to get the packaging Ice Cream Pole, a way of giving the equipment an appearance in line with the summer season. Instead, those who complete twelve missions will receive the Frozen Craving emote. The MTLs and their missions will appear in order throughout the Cosmic Summer, but will still be available when the event ends.

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The Summer Creative Challenge is over, so all the Featured Islands in the Welcome Hub come from this Challenge. Be that as it may, there will be new suits and lots, like Brutus Bather, Crystal Diver, Summer Drift and Shellless.

Source | Epic Games


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