Fortnite: Robo-Kevin Pack Announced; All the details

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Epic Games has announced the new starter pack from Save the world on Fortnite: the Robo-Kevin Pack. This new package brings with it the skin Robo-Kevin a Fortnite Battle Royale, and will come out after final event The end from Season 8 of the Battle Pass from Fortnite Chapter 2. Just below we leave you with all the details:

Fortnite: Save the World – Robo-Kevin Pack; All the details

The Robo-Kevin Starter Pack will be available for sale from 05/12/2021 at 4:00 p.m. CET. Bring all of the following with you:

  • Access to the Cooperative campaign Save the World de Fortnite.
  • Robo-Kevin Hero to Save the World.
  • Skin Robo-Kevin for Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Creative.
  • Robo-Kevin Challenges to Save the World, with which we can win up to 1,000 V-Bucks and 1,000 X-Ray tickets.
  • Backpacking accessory Brrr, Brrr.
  • Electropick harvesting tool.

Epic Games has not given the official price of this package, Although if the price of similar content previously released serves as a reference, The Robo-Kevin Pack should be worth € 15.99.

The date and time of release of this package is striking; we know that The El Fin event will take place on 12/04/2021 at 22:05 CET, and it has been leaked that there will be a “blackout” in the game for several days because there will be a new black hole. Therefore, in the absence of more information, we can only assume several things:

  • Let there be no black hole and the new season (Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 1) arrived on Sunday 05/12/2021. This seems unlikely to us.
  • That this content is released for sale at the announced date and time (05/12/2021 16: 00h CET), but that can only be purchased through digital stores and not in-game, because the game will be disconnected by black hole. This seems more likely to us.
  • The launch date and time are wrong. This also seems very likely to us.
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In any case, and as always when we publish a news of this type, we leave you several things that you must take into account:

  • Save the World Starter Packs are obtained by paying with real money. They are only available on PC, PlayStation and XboxAlthough if we buy them on one of these platforms, we can use the content compatible with Battle Royale and Creative also on mobile phones and Nintendo Switch.
  • There are objects that we can only use in certain game modes; some of them will only be available in Save the World, while others can only be used in Battle Royale and Creative.
  • Battle Royale and Creative compatible items are cosmetic; they do not affect the game in any way other than visual modifications.

Source: Epic Games, Fortnite Battle Royale, own elaboration


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