Fortnite Season 8: final event, The Queen of the Cube, The Pyramid, and everything we know

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The patch 18.40 released last Tuesday, November 16, it brought with it a lot of juicy content to Fortnite, plus Naruto and company. This last update of the season also brought with him files from the final event; We have been able to decrypt them using techniques and tools of datamining. In this news we compile everything we know about the event of the Queen of the Cube and The piramid, from Season 8 of the Battle Pass from Fortnite Chapter 2. Evidently, there will be spoilers; You are warned!

Fortnite: The Pyramid begins to corrupt the entire map

The Queen of the Cube put her plan into action after the arrival of Patch 18.40. From The Pyramid, the task of go terraforming and corrupting the entire island. The changes are gradual and it seems that they are hardly appreciated, but yes, corruption is spreading:

Possibly, the map will be practically 100% corrupted:

We expect the island to reach this state on December 4/5, 2021, the day the event would be held.

Fortnite: when is the Season 8 event

Taking into account that, according to the game itself, Season 8 will end on 12/05/2021, the final event would have to be held on December 4 or, at the latest, December 5.

Fortnite Season 8: this is what will happen during the event

First of all, know that we already know what the loading screen of the event is, whose name will be The end, exactly the same as in the event of Season X / 10 of Chapter 1. This is it. In your text, we can read “The End of Chapter 2. Weapons loaded, ready and ready for the final showdown.”

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With patch 18.40, the black hole files for the final event of Season X were also updated, which means that, once it ends, the game will be on hold for a few days; it will be impossible to enter Fortnite. Chapter 2 will end, and when the game is back online again, Season 1 of Chapter 3 will begin. HYPEX, a popular member of the Fortnite datamining community, confirmed that, “according to their sources,” Fortnite Chapter 3 would arrive on 12/07/2021. The game would remain inactive on December 5 and 6 following the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 finale event due to a new black hole.

Following with the datamining, we have been able to find a file that gives us a slight idea what will happen during the event, whose codename in the Fortnite files is “Guava“, and which is divided into several scenes / phases. They would be the following:

  1. Att (Attack /Attack)
  2. Bea (Beam/Lightning / Abduction?)
  3. Bre (Breach/Incursion)
  4. Bri (Bridge/Puente)
  5. Cin (Cinematic /Scene)
  6. Esc (Escape)
  7. Praise (lobby /Waiting room)
  8. PCin (Post cinematic/Post-scene)
  9. Swi (Swirl/Swirl / Black hole)

The loading screen and the various event scenes suggest that We will go after the Queen of the Cube in an attack on The Pyramid. Behind this, would we be abducted? Or teleported and then we would storm the Bridge. In the comic Batman / Fortnite: Foundation if you explain to us that Zero Point was the original Big Bang, giving rise not to a single universe, but to all. From the Bridge, at the headquarters of the OI, you can travel to any other reality through the “pure portals”. These “pure portals” would be the purple panels that are seen in the central room of the map of the impostores way, and they are key in the Fortnite plot since thanks to them many visitors from other universes have come, as we have seen mainly in Season 5 of Chapter 2 with their multiple collaborations.

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Upon arriving here, there would be a cutscene, after which we would escape and return to the lobby. There would be another post-scene phase, and, done this, a new black hole would engulf the universe of Fortnite Chapter 2. The game would remain inactive until 12/07/2021.

Given the The foundation, the leader of The seven, confesses to being against the Imagined Order and of Geno/Genō, who would be its leader, we hope they will have a relevant role in the event, especially considering the end of Batman / Fortnite: Foundation. We do not know if the fact that there is a black hole implies that the Queen of the Cube has won … or that, on the contrary, it is a “lesser evil”, an emergency plan of The Foundation to prevent the Queen of the Cube. annihilate everything.

This is, for now, all we know about the final event of Season 8 of Fortnite Chapter 2. We will update this information with any possible news that we find out.

Sources: Twitter/HYPEX, Batman / Fortnite: Foundation, Fortnite Battle Royale, self-produced


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