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Fortnite: Sticky Swamp is being abducted by the mothership

One of the changes most important of the patch 17.30 of Fortnite it’s a pretty cool modification of the map. The mothership of the aliens has started to terraform the island drastically. This time, they are abducting / destroying Sticky Swamp. We tell you everything we know about this new change on the map from Season 7 of the Battle Pass of Fortnite Chapter 2:

Fortnite: Mothership destroys Sticky Swamp

From 11:00 a.m. CEST on Tuesday, August 3, 2021, you can witness how the alien mothership is gradually abducting and destroying Sticky Swamp:

In case you don’t remember where this location on the island is, we leave you a map:

The destruction of the area is divided into several phases, which will take place over the next few days.. Thanks to the EndymionFN dataminer, we can see what the area will look like once it is completely destroyed:

However, the entire area affected by the mothership’s huge tractor beam has been converted into a low gravity zone. That is, our jumps are higher, we take longer to fall to the ground, and we do not take fall damage.

In addition to this, the OI, the Imagined Order, the faction that openly confronts invading aliens, has set up various checkpoints around Sticky Swamp.

Last but not least, the minions of SHADOW and SPECTRUM (who are already skins in the game) They are also studying the area.

The next areas to be abducted / destroyed after Sticky Swamp would be Coral Castle and Corriente Complex.. We know this thanks to files that were added to the Fortnite filesystem with patch 17.21.

In Meristation we will be pending before any possible change or novelty that could be in this regard.

Sources: Twitter/EndymionFN, Fortnite Battle Royale, own elaboration


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