Fortnite: the crossover with Rick and Morty is coming

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Fortnite: the crossover with Rick and Morty is coming

Epic Games is presenting the seventh season of Fortnite with some very interesting news. One of them is the arrival of ufo to the battlefield. Players should take care of do not be abducted in the middle of your departure. Also a facelift in which the most primitive weapons will leave room for futuristic elements, implying that the game is changing its era.

The company seems to have one idea after another regarding the game, which has already featured hunters, superheroes, fighters and all kinds of guests in the action. Now we are talking about a very special crossover: Rick and morty, the animated characters, would arrive on the island. What news!

Rick and Morty will fight in Fortnite

Rick is an alcoholic mad scientist, somewhat irresponsible and prone to depression who moves in with his daughter Beth and begins a series of adventures with his grandson Morty of 14 years. The two will live incredible moments in space and parallel universes. In the middle of everything, Rick will try that Morty don’t end up like your dad Jerry, who is full of good intentions, but mostly useless.

Epic Games shared a teaser for season seven in which you can see a helmet, a futuristic weapon, and a robot holding a tray of butter. Was it enough for fans of the animated show to recognize the friendly android that appeared in the series and confirm the crossover?

Now they hope that both characters sean skins in game, at the same time that elements of the show arrive at the games, even the robot protagonist of the teaser. Fortnite surprises its players once again with this seventh season that opens today and promises a lot.

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