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There cannot be a Rick without a Morty in Fortnite. Season 7 excited many with the skin of Rick Sanchez, one of the protagonists of the animated series Rick & Morty. How could it be otherwise, the developer Epic Games is about to add his faithful companion, Morty Smith.

Morty’s skin in Fornite was leaked by leakers on social networks. There are both photos and videos of the next character to arrive at the Battle Royale. As it is not an official information, you have to take the information with caution.

According to Hypex, one of the best known leakers in the Fortnite community, Morty will arrive in an upcoming update along with Will Smith’s skin in the Bad Boys movie. The reason for this latest cosmetic outfit is unknown, because there is no important clue or date in sight for the actor’s arrival.

Considering that Wonder Woman, Superman and Gamora have arrived at Fortnite in the last few days, so it is likely that Morty and Will Smith will arrive at the end of this month. It is unknown if there will be any major events related to the outfits or if they will appear only in the Fortnite store.

FORTNITE | What’s new in patch 17.40v

The first Wild Week of Season 7 begins, where all many of the weapons will be replaced by their silenced variants New limited-time mode called Imposters inspired by Among Us A new variant of the pulse rifle has been added that fires in burst when aiming and has A larger charger Mothership has begun abducting Coral Castle

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FORTNITE | Bugs corregidos

Fixed a bug related to preferred item slots and double-slot items, such as the splash cannon, which caused the player to select a new item to shift to the wrong slot. Fixed a bug that caused them not to be Cosmic Chests could be opened if a player left the team during the game Fixed a bug that caused vendor item disguise services to be disabled. We have re-enabled those services.

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