Fortnite will definitively close its servers in China

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The version of China from Fortnite Battle Royale will shut down its servers on November 15, 2021, according to an official statement by Epic Games on the video game website. The Asian country has a completely different version from the rest of the world, whose journey will end next month. We tell you everything we know about it, but not before reminding you that, in the rest of the territories, the Season 8 of the Battle Pass from Fortnite Chapter 2:

Fortnite China announces its final server shutdown

As we can see in the news section of the version of China from Fortnite, Epic Games announces that the game will close its servers permanently on 11/15/2021. This is the statement, as it appears on the web:

Using Google Translate – with its strengths and weaknesses – the result when translating the above text is as follows:

“Dear users:

The “Fortress Night” test has come to an end. We will close the server in the near future. The detailed arrangements for the suspension of the test are as follows:

At 11 a.m. on November 1, 2021, stop registering new game users and close the download entry;

At 11 a.m. on November 15, 2021, the game server will shut down and users will not be able to log into the game;

Thanks to everyone who got on the bus and participated in the ‘Fortnite’ test! “

That is all. No clear reason has been given for the closure being announced, so in the absence of data in the official version, we can only think that they have been economic / profitability reasons.

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We also do not know what will happen to, for example, the real money spent by users to obtain cosmetic items such as skins, backpacks and pickaxes in Fortnite., although we can assume the worst: that there is no type of refund.

The exclusive version of Fortnite in China is very special for multiple reasons; starting with the fact that, due to the legislation of this country it is forbidden to show skulls —Which means that several skins have been modified only for this territory and that others are not directly available here—, and at the playable level there are also differences, such as:

  • When a player gets a large amount of eliminations in the same game, the game offers them the chance to leave it, but counts them as a victory in your record.
  • All games end after 20 minutes, and all surviving players are counted as a victory. This allows less experienced players to win more easily.
  • Players do not lose health in the storm; instead, they have an additional “storm health” bar, which is only reduced by being inside it. If this bar reaches 0, the player will dieregardless of your normal health. The “storm health” bar recharges when out of it.
  • No competitive or limited time game modes.
  • Due to Chinese legislation regarding the consumption of electronic entertainment by minors, after 90 minutes of play Monday through Friday, or three hours in a row on weekends, players do not receive any more experience and cannot complete missions. Instead, the game recommends that they quit, and go off to study.
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