Fortnite x Cobra Kai / Karate Kid – Collaboration Leaked; all we know

Fortnite x Cobra Kai / Karate Kid - Collaboration Leaked;  all we know

The patch 19.01 from Fortnite Battle Royale It arrived on Tuesday, December 14, 2021. With it it brought a lot of content, such as the new Shield Bottles or the content of the Winter Festival event. However, among such an avalanche of content we have not missed a detail: the next collaboration from Fortnite with Cobra Kai/Karate Kid. We tell you everything we know about this new collaboration of the Season 1 of Battle Pass from Fortnite Chapter 3 just below:

Fortnite will have a collaboration with Cobra Kai / Karate Kid; this is what we know

The morning of 12/14/2021, which is when Fortnite Battle Royale patch 19.01 arrived, a bot from the Discord NiteStats private server, and to which we have access, detected a change in a new text string added to the game de Epic Games: “Miyagi’s Teachings“.

Name (or last name, rather) “Miyagi” is unmistakable: We understand, taking into account the many collaborations that exist in Fortnite, that It is a reference to the Cobra Kai series or the films of the Karate Kid saga. This text string added to the game could be for any type of object: both a new skin / character, as a gesture or dance, or a backpack. For now we do not know what kind of collaboration would come to Fortnite Battle Royale. Of course, the text “The Teachings of Miyagi” suggests that we would see before Daniel LaRusso what to Johnny Lawrence in the Epic Games video game.

In any case, it also suits us because of the possible launch date; the fourth season of the Cobra Kai series premieres on Netflix on December 31, 2021, so at this time we could see this collaboration in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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In any case, when this or these items are available in the game, we will inform you again. As always, all this with the utmost rigor and seriousness possible.

Sources: NiteStats, Fortnite Battle Royale


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