Fortnite x Moncler: new collaboration with the luxury clothing firm

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The festival of the collaborations of all kinds in Fortnite. On this occasion, Epic Games has announced a new collaboration with the French luxury brand Moncler, specialized in ski clothing. We show you what the Moncler objects for the Season 8 of the Battle Pass from Fortnite Chapter 2 that have been announced, and we tell you when they will be available in the game:

Fortnite x Moncler: all items, and how to get them

Epic Games has announced the collaboration of Fortnite and Moncler through their usual channel: an entry on the game’s official blog. From 11/21/2021 a las 01: 00h CET (when the store is changed every day with winter time), we can purchase the following Moncler items in Fortnite, whose set is called Moncler classics:

  • Skin André
  • Skin Renée
  • Paracylinder backpacking accessory
  • Harvest Tool Parahacha
  • Ala delta Umbrella

The skins wear clothing based on the collection 6 Moncler 1017 Alyx 9SM by Matthew Williams. What’s more they are reactive; its colors change from light to dark as we climb higher in the game, and vice versa.

As usual, all the objects described above can be purchased separately, or in batches. The Lot of Moncler Classics includes André and Renée’s costumes, and the Moncler Classics equipment lot It comes with the backpacking accessory, the pickaxe and the hang glider. The Moncler Classics bundle also includes: The La Cima loading screen:

It is not the first time that Fortnite collaborates with a couture firm. In September 2021, brand objects Balenciaga they also came to the Epic Games video game. Considering what has been seen, the collaboration with Moncler will not be the last either.

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As always, we will inform you again when all these items are in the store, since, for now, we do not know what price they will have.

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