Fortnite x Naruto Shippuden: Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke y Kakashi llegan al juego

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From Tuesday, November 16, 2021, it is possible to get the objects of Naruto shippuden on Fortnite. The skins from Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi were added to the game with the patch 18.40, the last of the Season 8 of the Battle Pass from Fortnite Chapter 2. Below we show you how all these new objects are, and we also tell you how to get Naruto in Fortnite:

Fortnite: Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi skins from Naruto Shippuden arrive in the game

At 10:00 a.m. CET on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, the spectacular trailer was released that you can see just below the first paragraph of this news, where we can see the expected arrival of Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi to Fortnite. These are skins from the store, and these are all their objects, and their respective price in turkeys:

  • Skin Naruto: ???? turkey
  • Skin Sasuke: ???? turkey
  • Skin Sakura: ???? turkey
  • Skin Kakashi: ???? turkey

As always when we publish a news of this type, we leave you several things that you should take into account:

  • These items are purchased with V-Bucks, a virtual currency that we buy with real money. The exchange rate is currently around € 7.99 per 1,000 V-Bucks.
  • Both these skins and their accessories will remain for a limited time in the Fortnite Battle Royale store. They may go back to the store later, although no one knows when.
  • We can use the accessories without problems in all Fortnite game modes: Battle Royale and Creative and Save the World.
  • All these items are cosmetic; they do not affect the game in any way other than visual modifications.
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Author’s note: this news is still under construction and will be updated as the day progresses.

Sources: Epic Games, Fortnite Battle Royale, own elaboration


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