Four true stories of the impact of Football Manager on professional football

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Football Manager It is one of the most important soccer titles in the world. The best-selling simulator on the market has no competition for those fans of professional soccer, who see it as something much bigger than a game.

The video game handles so many details, that scouts and club employees use this tool to search for players they might not otherwise be able to see. What’s more, many teams have shown that its use can be beneficial for a large number of people linked to soccer. Here we will show you four true stories of the impact of Football Manager in real life.

Ben Brereton and his arrival at the Red

The arrival of Ben Brereton to the Chilean team owes a lot to FM. The Blackburn forward would not have made it to the Red if his in-game profile had not been updated, making known its roots with our country.

It all started when the Football Manager researcher, Mark Hitchen – who is also a Blackburn Rovers fan – was working on updating the game and read a club article where Brereton mentioned that he could technically play for Chile.

This change was noticed by Álvaro Pérez, a member of the FM community in Chile, who using his Twitter account created the hashtag #BreretonALaRoja. The rest is history.

The one-man team from El Salvador

Hugo Alvarado He has become one of the most prominent figures in the Central American country of El Salvador. Since 2010, the Salvadoran has done scouting work through Football Manager and has had a positive impact on the reality of his team.

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Alvarado emigrated to the United States at the age of nine, but he never left the team of his native country behind and saw in Football Manager the necessary tool to find players with Salvadoran ties all over the world.

He began by checking the FM database, looking for players with Salvadoran names or with faces that looked like their country. He even googled phrases like “Salvadoran soccer player’s mother” or using articles that talked about the players.

One of his great discoveries was Steve Purdy, a footballer belonging to the Sub 23 of the United States who plays for the 1860 Munich of Germany. “There was nothing Salvadoran in his name, but I had read some things about him, so we got in touch on Facebook and started talking,” Alvarado said in an interview.

The impact of this young Salvadoran in his country has reached such a point that he rHe was recently hired by the soccer sports director to become a full-time scout. Both roles were the first in the history of the Salvadoran Football Federation.

Younghusband brothers become legends in the Philippines

In early 2000, the brothers James y Phil Younghusband they were in the ranks of the Chelsea youth academy. However, in 2005 the coaches informed them that neither of them was going to make the first team of the Blues.

It seemed their careers were coming to an end, until they received a call from the Philippine Football Federation (FFF) that invited them to participate in the selection of that country.

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All of this happened thanks to an anonymous Football Manager player who discovered that siblings could be chosen by the Philippines because their mother was born in Manila. The gamer contacted the Federation to report the situation and then they contacted Chelsea and Neil Bath, head of youth development for the Blues, who informed the brothers of this opportunity.

“When we qualified for the Southeast Asian Championship we went to a bar to celebrate and there was this 15 or 16 year old boy, he was very shy, but he told us that he was the one who found us in the game. I was very grateful to him”Phil said in an interview with The Athletic 2020.

Now in 2021, the Younghusband brothers are considered legends of the Philippine national team, since they are the ones who add the most matches with that shirt. Additionally, Phil is the Azkals’ all-time leading scorer with 52 goals.

From your home to a club address

The stories of Football Manager They are not only carried out by the different footballers who are discovered thanks to this tool, but also by users who can even reach the address of a club.

Matt Neil he was one of the many users who enjoy the game and he used his scouting skills to volunteer to update his local club’s database, Truro City. After six months of work, Neil noticed that there was a vacancy at Plymouth Argyle, which he was a fan of.

At just 15 years old, Neil took up the position of FM investigator in Plymouth for some seasons while meeting some players and club staff. One day, the team manager, Carl Fletcher, reviewed Neil’s work and was impressed. Fletcher “signed” him as the new first-team soccer analyst.

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Neil got more applause from the manager after a test project and in July 2012, the 19-year-old was appointed an analyst for the Plymouth Argyle club. His role required him to evaluate player performance, study opposition, make reports, and look for possible transfer targets.

He worked at that club for almost seven years before spending a season playing the same role in Rotherham. He now works as a hiring analyst at the Salford City de la League Two.


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